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Supporting Reach, US Sailing’s STEM Education Initiative 

Share your love and appreciation for the sport of sailing, the beautiful ecosystems we enjoy while on the water and the science and technology that keeps us sailing faster each year with our youth.  

In 2012, US Sailing launched “Reach”, a national education initiative to inspire schools and sailing programs to utilize sailing as an educational platform. Over 100,000 youth participate in the Reach Initiative at 400 schools and sailing centers annually. 90% of students participating in Reach are first time sailors, creating an on­ramp to the sport for youth of all backgrounds

Your support will help provide future resources, grants, and scholarships for youth to experience high quality STEM and environmental education through the great sport of sailing. Help create a pathway to the water! { please note the engraving may, or may not be, on the hardware. The custom line/color is what differentiates and identifies the specific cause }

Lemon & Line is proud to donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this bracelet to the US Sailing's Reach Initiative.


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