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It's been a weird year . . . we're here to remind you of the good ole days.
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Materials Matter

Here at Lemon & Line we design & hand-craft bracelets and accessories exclusively from marine grade materials. Built to be worn in, and on, the water. Manufactured in the heart of the City by the Sea, Newport, Rhode Island. We proudly stand behind each and every piece we make. Forever. 

Endless possibilities.

Go Custom. Pick your style, color and hardware.
Official Team Bracelet
NYYC American Magic
Show your support for our home team -
America’s Cup Challenger New York Yacht Club American Magic!
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Regatta Belt Jolly Roger Pink Sands
Regatta Belt Jolly Roger Pink Sands
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The Coral Project

Together, we can save our coral reefs

Coral is crucial and it is disappearing. Fast. 50% gone and 90% predicted to die by 2050. The time is now.

Save the Reef