Lemon & Line is proud to support Thomas Watson's efforts. We've created a custom Pink Boat bracelet and will donate 50% of the proceeds to the cause. 

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The Mission

The Pink Boat has partnered with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in the pursuit to prevent and cure breast cancer and help saves the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year through sailing. 


The Goal

It is The Pink Boat's first goal is to raise $1 million for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Further, it is our hope this victory will spill over and help in the prevention and cure of other forms of cancer.


Why breast cancer?

Breast cancer affects not only the women who are diagnosed and bravely fight this disease, but all of the people- the friends and family in their lives who love them.  This epic adventure alone would be a great personal accomplishment but helping the lives of mothers, wives, daughters and friends who bravely battle this disease makes it all worth doing.

There is so much each of us can do to positively affect and beat this disease, this is my way. I am risking my life to help the hundreds of thousands of women who have their lives risked everyday from cancer.  I am inspired by their courage and devote this sail to them.


The Voyage

The voyage is a non-stop solo Round The World(RTW) sail aboard a traditionally ballasted 28.5 foot Pearson Triton sailboat. The adventure starts September 25, 2013 leaving San Francisco. From there, I will head south and round the Galapagos Islands to starboard, the Easter Islands to port, Cape Horn to port, Tristan da Cuhna Island to starboard, Cape Leeuwin to port, Southeast Cape of Tasmania to port, Southwest Cape of New Zealand to port, Hawaii Islands to starboard and finally returning under the Golden Gate Bridge.

This will be the only non-stop solo RTW to have ever been completed from the Port of San Francisco and the smallest traditionally ballasted boat to ever attempt a RTW sail.

A lot of people ask about where I will stop: I am not going to stop. Once I leave San Francisco, I will not stop until I return some 25,000 miles and approximately 10 months later. Once people grasp this, the next question is usually, "How in the heck are you going to carry enough food and water for a year?!" I plan to utilize watermakers, and catch rainwater when I can. For food, I will bring a year's worth of dehydrated meals aboard which can be prepared with only boiling water.

I guess it's an understatement to say that this journey is going to be very difficult. Honestly, to me, the most difficult part isn't going to be the 6 months in the Southern Ocean but being completely alone for the better part of a year. I will take solace in knowing my journey is saving lives And, like those affected by breast cancer, while I will be traveling the path alone, I will have my friends and family along for the ride and will be keeping in touch via this website.

Thank you for supporting the cause and my own personal efforts in helping to cure breast cancer. 

-Thomas Watson

Learn more about Thomas and The Pink Boat at www.thepinkboat.org